May 8, 2024
Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

FlintConf is Denton’s startup conference for creative entrepreneurs. Since 2019, Stoke has planned and hosted FlintConf for entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, side hustlers, and students who are seeking connections with peers and mentors, a push in the right direction to move their business forward, and apps and advice to add to their toolkits for success.

Heather Gregory is an ecosystem builder, place maker, community organizer, and entrepreneur based in Denton, TX. Heather has been producing community events for more than 15 years – ranging from a large scale environmental sustainability expo, to fundraising events for non-profits, to community art shows, to maker fairs that celebrate and showcase creativity and innovation.

Heather has served as the Director of Stoke Coworking since January 2017 and as owner since 2020 making use of her multifaceted background in entrepreneurship, architectural design, nonprofit management, event planning, and program development. For the last 7 years, she has been planning and executing events that focus on supporting, connecting, educating and inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs in Denton. Through small group mentorship meetings, creative mixers, fireside chats, the Denton Pitch Competition, and FlintConf, she has helped create events that support and celebrate the business owners that make up the creative culture and local economy of Denton. 

Watch Heather’s Flint Story

Juli James began her career as an Army broadcaster before transitioning to digital media roles with the State of Arizona. In 2013, she developed a game design curriculum for Arizona State University’s journalism department. She further solidified her expertise in the field with a Knight Foundation grant in 2015, developing a no-code game design app for educators. 

As Stoke’s Associate Director, Juli uses her unique blend of experience to help entrepreneurs and small businesses innovate and succeed. Her ultimate goal is to make learning effective and enjoyable, particularly in entrepreneurship.

A true child of the internet with a love for all things pop culture and media, Mary Chavez is a multi-passionate, creative jack-of-many-trades. At Stoke, Mary is the Marketing + Communications Coordinator, helping to foster an inviting network of entrepreneurs and professionals but they prefer the title ‘aspiring everything’.

They’re always eager to learn new things and thus will take on just about any hobby that peaks their interests. There’s no guessing what Mary is working on next, whether it be learning a new language, developing new skills, or attending local community events.

Robyn Harris is passionate about her community and committed to fostering meaningful connections with those around her. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, immersing herself in the vibrant music scene for a decade.

As a dedicated creative, Robyn possesses versatile skills in graphic design and social media management, embodying her love for artistic expression in various forms. With a heart for both community service and creative pursuits, Robyn brings a unique blend of talents and experiences to every endeavor.

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